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How are we different from other margin improvement training firms?


Caldwell Butler played a key role in helping us revitalize our performance improvement efforts. By following their principles we have been able to improve just about every aspect of performance. Our gains include more than $14 million in tangible gains.

- Kurt Stuenkel, CEO • Floyd Regional Medical Center, Rome Georgia

We had made significant investment in training with another organization yet we had not achieved the results we anticipated. Caldwell Butler provided us with a systematic approach to improving accountability and creating the focused effort we need to achieve strategic results.

- Sarah Sinclair CNO • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Ohio

Market conditions were putting pressure on the organization. We needed to further reduce our operating but we knew that taking a slash and burn approach would not be sustainable and would harm the organization. We needed to follow a path that would ensure that the changes we made produce real results and that the changes would be sustainable. We were able to integrate the methods advocated by Caldwell Butler and achieve $18 million in tangible cost recovery within the first 200 days.

- Robert Thames, COO • St. Anthony's Medical Center, St. Louis Missouri