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Top Performer Comparative Assessment • (NO COST)

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Based upon CBA's multi-year research of over 200 hospitals' cost improvement achievements, we discerned the critical differentiators between top quartile performers Top Performers and bottom quartile performers (Non-Starters). As published by the American College of Healthcare Executives in the leading management book, Secrets of Great Healthcare Organizations, top quartile performance has been shown to depend upon these five breakthroughs:

  • Senior leader own the Macro Quality System and are visible in the process at key points
  • Establishing Big Q Core Process Goals and Meaningful Metrics
  • Designing a strong accountability system with the following characteristics:
    • Creates focus area "Big Q process focus"
    • Establishes a sense of urgency and uses activity targets such as At least 2 effective changes per month per manager
    • Environment that is conducive to multi-disciplinary teams where teams can work in a process continuum and vital information can flow through the organization across boundaries
    • Monthly check-ins in which VPs & their managers/directors report results
  • Incorporates a strong change model which:
    • Values speed and promotes a bias toward action
    • Provides managers with tools to breakdown resistance to change
    • Provides a disciplined and risk free environment for testing ideas.
  • Provides manager with ready to use templates and tools for healthcare based on the concepts found in accelerating methods like Lean-Six Sigma (does not mean technical application of methods but understanding of concepts)

Top Performer Comparative Assessment at No Cost

The Top Performer Comparative Assessment analyzes 25 dimensions that provide an accurate picture of how well your organization mirrors the findings from top performers. It is highly predictive of your probability of success and aids in the development of effective action plan to close critical gaps in your macro performance improvement system. Completion only requires a few minutes of your time.