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Secrets of Great Healthcare Organizations in Leading Change

Across the Nation, senior healthcare leaders consistently express a desire to improve their organization's ability to respond to opportunities while improving organizational accountability for implementation of critical initiatives. The quickening pace of change has heightened the importance of leading transformational initiatives. These skills are highly valued core competencies for senior executives. The current healthcare environment demands that senior executives be equipped with a full complement of skills to successfully lead transformational initiatives and coach managers in methods of change.

Caldwell Butler | Margin Improvement for Healthcare

This course presents senior leaders with unique insights into the methods used by top performing senior leaders to achieve meaningful results in performance. It reveals what we call the “hard side of change.” The “hard side” is the physical and tangible traits associated with how transformational initiatives are best organized and managed. While most course content focuses on the “soft side” of change management such as leadership, vision, and charisma; this course seeks to focus on tangible principles and methods for organizing and leading these events. Our research as well as that of other authors indicates that senior leaders can dramatically improve their probability of success by following certain organizational principles. Our findings from over 220 U.S. hospitals indicate these tangible traits have far more to do with predicting a successful outcome than do vision and strategy. Skillful execution is paramount. Examples of these tangible attributes include designing accountability structures, creating the environment of change, and senior leadership’s mastery of the four non-delegable roles of senior leaders. The great news is that these traits and methods are transferable from one healthcare organization to another. The findings of this research have been published by ACHE and newly released in November 2008 under the title of What Top-Performing Healthcare Organizations Know: 7 Proven Steps for Accelerating and Achieving Change.

Program Content Includes: