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100-Day Workout: Productivity Cycle

Proven and Tested Methodology

The 100-Day Workout Productivity Cycle, developed by Caldwell Butler, is a powerful and proven approach for achieving rapid gains in hospital performance and sustaining incremental increases in productivity. This proprietary system was developed from years of practical healthcare experience and applied research isolating the 10 common attributes of hospitals who remain "Quantum Improvers." Caldwell Butler combine these essential elements of Lean-Six Sigma, non-negotiable goal setting, and project management into an effective system for maximizing all aspects of your productivity cycle.

The 100-Day Workout is a highly effective means of addressing such common challenges as:

  • Maximizing patient flow and capacity
  • Achieving operations waste recovery
  • Effectively matching staffing to demand
  • Reducing of ED wait and treatment times
  • Increasing surgical capacity and 7:30 start time
  • Enhancing individual accountability for results

Key Elements of the 100-Day Workout Productivity Cycle

The 100-Day Workout is designed to assist hospitals over the common hurdles preventing them from achieving sustainable gains in performance. Caldwell Butler uses on-site mentoring and apprenticing to provide your staff with the tools for implementing:

  • Effective use of benchmarking information
  • Non-negotiable goal setting
  • The identification of high leverage cost drivers
  • Techniques and strategies for improving performance
  • Rapid testing of performance improvement concepts
  • Statistical and technical methods of assessing effectiveness
  • Deploying a Productivity Variance Response System
  • Achieving quality staffing, matching staffing to demand
  • Tangible measurement of ROI for resources invested

Series include:

  • Rapid acceptance of benchmarks
  • Enhanced commitment for non-negotiable goals
  • Speed to implementation and execution
  • Frame-work and advanced tools for generating cost savings strategies
  • Improving patient and staff satisfaction with the care process
  • Improved personal accountability for achieving targets

Overview of 100-Day Workout

Research and experience has shown that hospitals who remain "Quantum Improvers" excel in four key areas including:

  1. Clearly communicating leadership will
  2. Aggressive use of comparative data to establish non-negotiable goals
  3. Disciplined methods for testing strategies for improving performance
  4. Flawless execution and systematic accountability

Caldwell Butler incorporates each of these attributes into the 100-Day Workout Productivity Cycle. The hallmark of the 100-Day Workout is a defined period of 20 days for planning and assessment followed by 100 days dedicated to implementation. In addition, our team deploys tools that enhance accountability and accurately measure the results of each cycle. This powerful system has yet to achieve less than $1 million in annual savings and returns on resources invested of greater than 5:1.

Adaptable and Sustainable Approach

The 100-Day Workout Productivity Cycle has produced significant gains in performance for hundreds of clients. Caldwell Butler does not believe in a "one size fits all approach", but rather employs a set of guiding principles and disciplines supported by our extensive set of proprietary productivity tools. Caldwell Butler takes the time to understand your organization's culture and then matches your needs to the exact set of tools to achieve maximum results. We train your staff in the selected techniques to ensure the process is sustainable cycle after cycle.

Guaranteed Results

Discover today what the 100-Day Workout Productivity Series can do for your organization. Caldwell Butler utilizes its expertise to identify improvement opportunities to produce guaranteed returns of greater than 5:1.