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Aggressively Improving Throughput and Cost Using Lean-Six Sigma

Is your hospital facing a challenging budget? Are you questioning whether your staff has the tools and skills to achieve their financial objectives while maintaining the quality of care? Or are you currently enjoying excellent performance but concerned about maintaining momentum? Is discerning a tangible ROI from current performance improvement initiatives difficult? Searching for new quality methodologies to reenergize your staff and integrate your resources into a unified effort?

Caldwell Butler is the nation's leading authority on the strategic application of Lean-Six Sigma methodology in healthcare. We offer an executive workshop designed to assist senior healthcare leaders with the design of a robust quality system tailored to the specific needs of their hospital. Workshop participants receive valuable insights and explore practical methods for achieving rapid gains in hospital performance through the strategic application of quality methodology. Participants examine the 10 common attributes of top performing hospitals "Quantum Improvers" derived from 4 years of applied research published by the American College of Healthcare Executives. Participants learn how to successfully deploy Lean-Six Sigma, to improve their use of benchmarking data and techniques for goal setting, and dramatically increase results with the100-Day Workout.


The "Quantum Improvers Black Box"

  • Attributes of top performing hospitals
  • Behavioral attributes / role clarity
  • Effective benchmarking and goal setting
  • Methods for improving system wide accountability

The Lean-Six Sigma View of Quality

  • Principles of Lean-Six Sigma
    • What is Lean?
    • What is Six Sigma?
    • Why are both methods needed?
  • Methods for Successful Implementation
    • Lean - Six Sigma
    • Achieving results
    • What to avoid when implementing Lean or Six Sigma
  • Techniques for Achieving Quality Waste recovery
  • Defining quality staffing, Matching staffing to demand
  • Secrets of Effective Benchmarking and Non-negotiable Goal Setting
  • Transforming financial goals into process goals
  • "Big Q vs. little q Focus" The Core Processes that matter
  • Structuring Your 3 year Strategic Performance Improvement Plan)
  • Transforming the Organizational Belief System

Driving Change, Accountability and Implementation

  • Application of the 100-Day Workout Method
  • Accelerating change through Rapid Cycle Testing

Strategy Discussion

  • Assessing the effectiveness of current initiatives
  • Achieve consensus regarding the evolution the quality system
  • Developing 3 Year strategic goals
  • Improving the speed of implementation and execution
  • Determining the staff skills required for continued success