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Data Summit

One of the critical flaws in the classic approach to Lean-Six Sigma Training is that it starts from the premise that clean information and data are readily available.  Newly minted green/black belts are left to search for data on their own and relegated to working within the bounds of a single departmental IT system such as Lab or Radiology.  This lack of clean data and the ability to obtain data across an entire process and assemble data from multiple legacy systems can greatly impede progress.

Success in Healthcare requires:

  • Seamlessly combining data from multiple legacy systems
  • Methods and tools for scrubbing data such as:
    • Understanding the common errors and traps of healthcare data systems
    • Techniques for standardizing formats
    • Identifying and correcting for aberrant data
    • Preparing the data for use

CBA provides training in our Data Summit Process, a proprietary approach for maximizing the data and information contained in the hospital's legacy IT system.  The Data Summit begins with the creation of a Value Map combined with an exercise to link each critical step of the work process to a time stamp in the legacy IT systems.  Once completed, the process provides a rich source of data for the Six Sigma analysis and provides an accurate picture of workflow.

Benefits of Data Summit Process Training

  • Improves access and use of healthcare data
  • Increases effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma analysis
  • Reduces green/black belt frustration related to obtaining clean data