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Lean-Six Sigma Certification Levels


Certify hospital employees in the application Lean-Six Sigma methodology to develop a self-sustaining process of advancing the hospital's quality system.


Lean Concepts and Tools:

  • Theory of Constraints
  • Lean Work Out Team Structure
  • Definition of Quality Waste (Muda) Categories
    • 7 categories
    • 84 Change concepts
  • Work Flow / Time Value Flow Mapping
  • Identification of Dominate Waste drivers
  • Generation and Testing of Intervention alternatives

Six Sigma Concepts and Tools: (DMAIC)


  • Macro and Strategic perspective for LSS Implementation
  • Development of Process Thinking - SIPOC
  • Capturing Voice of Customer / Stakeholder expectations
  • Development and use of the Charter vehicle


  • Fundamentals of Statistical Thinking
  • Concept and Development of Macro and Micro Baseline Measures
  • Visualizing Process Flow and lean metrics
  • Generating and Categorizing critical fail points (X's)


  • Assessment of critical fail points (X's)
  • Hypothesis Testing models / tactics
  • Visual tools for decision making


  • Solution / Intervention generation and assessment
  • Rapid Cycle Testing of Interventions
  • Experimental Design (DOE) for the healthcare setting
  • Lean considerations for DMAIC


  • Implementation Plan development
  • Tactics for maintaining gains (operational / behavioral)
  • Ownership and control into the future

14-Day Longitudinal Study (Proprietary)

CBA has developed a proprietary method known as the 14-Day longitudinal study as a means of collecting this vital information for collecting the data that is generally missing in healthcare flow analysis. This process usually involves observing and collecting data on the actual flow of every 5th patient over a 14 day period. CBA staff will provide selected hospital staff with training on how to design and manage a 14 day longitudinal study. The insights gained from this method will be invaluable to the hospital in conducting accurate and meaningful analysis.

100 Day Workout Productivity Cycle (Proprietary)

CBA has been a leader in adapting the 100-Day Workout Cycle to the specific needs of healthcare organizations. Our 100-Day Workout method has successfully been deployed in numerous healthcare organizations as their quality system of choice. The 100-Day Workout is the most powerful means available to engage the entire organization in the recovery of quality waste and improve execution. It is an excellent means of enhancing organizational accountability because it makes success or the absence of success highly visible. CCA will train Green and Black Belt candidates on how to organize 100-Day Workouts to achieve results.

Change Acceleration / Rapid Cycle Testing (Proprietary)

CBA has developed a proprietary means of accelerating the change process through a proven method called Rapid Cycle Testing. These tools help an organization increase the rate of change in procedures and workflow while improving the managers' quality of decisions. Managers can quickly determine whether the changes implemented achieved the desired effect through the application of simplified Lean- Six Sigma tools. CBA will train Green and Black Belt candidates on how to train and assist managers in using these tools.

Access to Customized Training Materials:

  • The hospital acquires the right to use materials for its own internal training upon conclusion of our work so that future Sutter Health Black Belts may be certified in the future without additional training fees cost once you achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Materials shall be embedded with Sutter Health's Health System logo, for use by hospital's Black Belts in conducting Lean-Six Sigma training.
  • Training materials include healthcare specific examples and case studies.