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Manager Coaching

CBA's expert staff brings years of experience in coaching managers through the change process. Ultimately, success depends on the human element. Where change is required, there will be organizational resistance. CBA's staff is skilled in methods to help managers overcome their concerns and fears about the unknown. CBA knows how to create a bias toward action and break down the barriers that traditionally prevent progress in healthcare.

Our staff is experienced in:

  • Analyzing opportunities
    • Lean
    • Six Sigma
    • Effective Benchmarking
  • Developing potential Lean solutions to improve work processes
    • Application of change concepts
    • Ideas Data Bank (20,000 Plus ideas for improving performance)
  • Coaching Managers through Objections / Obstacles
    • CBA Coaching Guide
    • Overcoming the Top 10 Common obstacles to change
  • Applying Rapid Cycle Test (RCT) to prove idea and build belief in change

    • Lean
    • Six Sigma
    • Effective Benchmarking
    • Creating a bias toward action
    • Validating concepts
    • Building belief in the proposed solution
    • Hardwiring changes and building controls that ensure gains are sustainable

      • 84 change concepts
      • Healthcare-ized engineering concepts