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Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson | Caldwell Butler

Ray Johnson is Managing Principal of the High Impact Practice, providing a wide array of aggressive margin improvement strategies and implementation coaching for large, complex projects, process, or change initiatives. As a former HCA hospital CEO and CEO of a management company serving the seniors market, Ray brings a unique set of skills and experiences in operations improvement, growth, physician-health system integration, and strategy optimization to the field. He is an expert in identifying root causes of issues and translating complex problems into clear, actionable steps, which align with strategic goals. Known for the ability to build high performing teams, which adapt to change quickly and are inspired to increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes and margins, Ray leads with a keen understanding of how to add value through eliminating waste and enabling technology.

With over 30 years of healthcare experience, Ray brings expertise in healthcare operations for hospitals and health systems ranging in size from 25 beds to a multi hospital system including academic and community hospitals.

Ray brings experience and skills in the following areas:

  • Strategy Alignment and Rationalization
  • Labor and Non-Labor High Impact Strategies
  • Value Based Clinical/Physician-Health System Integration
  • Senior Living Market Opportunity Realization
  • Senior Team Implementation Accountability Coaching
  • Board Education and Alignment

Ray has served in multiple hospital leadership positions throughout his career in healthcare. He served a chairman of a risk retention insurance company that provided general and professional liability insurance to the senior living provider market and is a licensed nursing home administrator.

Ray received his MBA in healthcare management from the University of North Florida and BS degree from the University of Florida.